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About Us

ERP is the life blood of any business. The success of any business depends on the ERP and Managment tools of the company.

We provide Modern, integrated suites that provide clients seamless data and process integration are the most efficient ERP systems. A comprehensive system unifies management procedures throughout the firm, offering executives visibility and understanding into every facet of operations. Today's leaders must create companies that are prepared for the future, and they can only accomplish this with the aid of a cloud-based, next-generation ERP.

At Wavaitor, Our WaviatorErp systems are broken up into modules that may be merged into bigger applications, they are more adaptable. As businesses compete in the digital economy, cloud ERP systems have become essential because of their capacity to automate operations, analyse data, and incorporate AI and machine learning insights. Additionally, WaviatorErp products are safe, flexible, scalable, and quick to access – qualities that are highly valued in a dynamic corporate context.

  • Waviator manage your Production, Sales & Purchase
  • Keeping the track of your sales team & customer activity.
  • Get your live inventory aging data, all stock details & sales behaviour on one click.
  • Give your customer direct benifets with our loyalty and rewards management system.

WaviatorERP can save your money!

By combining all the operations into one reliable platform, an WaviatorERP solution simplifies your processes and reduces time lost to managment of effort, inventory, production, sales, payments, customers and labour. This results in effective corporate procedures that are less expensive than those that are not integrated.

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WaviatorErp Services

WaviatorErp has a variety of features to assist with your business management. Make your business processes easy and quick. With a quick setup, you can enjoy many ready-to-use modules as per your business type. Some of the key modules are mentioned below, take a look and create your account now and start using the system.

Production (BOM)

Easily Manage your production with BOM (Bill of material) features, with a complete track of production expenses, so you can put your all efforts increase your sales and business growth.

Purchase and Store

Add your all purchase so you can easliy track your all paybale payments, products expenses also have complete track of store

Order Processing

Now receive orders directly from your customers with WaviatorErp mobile app. And also allow your salesperson to place their order so you can track complete details of it.

Inventory and Stock

Easily manage your complete stock of all ready products, raw materials, and store with live inventory option of waviatorerp

Payments and Price

Send automated payment reminders to your customer with complete details of thier orders. Also set specific price for each customers so you didnot have to remeber each customer pricining.

Latest update

It's New Year, Diwali, or your customer and employee's birthday don't have to worry, send wishes in a single click with best wishes and attractive image.

Customizable Erp Services

Our Customizable ERP services offer businesses the flexibility to tailor their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software according to their specific needs and requirements. By customizing ERP software, you can address unique challenges and achieve a competitive advantage in the market also increase your brand presence with white labeling option of software and mobile apps

Production Management System

Planning , implementation and control of all the activities necessary to produce set of products.

Customer Management System

Waviator helps to stay connected to customer, streamline process and improve profitability.

Order Management System

Waviator manage the lifecycle of an orderTracks and tracks all the process and data connected to the orders and nurtured.

Payment Management System

Intelligently receive, handle, and send payments Every firm requires a practical method for daily payment collection and disbursement.

Purchase And Store Management

With Waviator, manage the stores and inventory,approval of work flow for purchases and improve the efficiency and profitability of the company.

Inventory And Stock Managements

Stock Managements is the practice of ordering, storing, tracking, and controlling inventory. It's applies to every item a business.

Loyalty Management System (LMS)

With Our LMS businesses can enhance customer engagement, increase retention, and drive repeat sales, ultimately boosting overall profitability.

MSME Credit Report (Credort)

Our Upcoming system will allow you to check if your new customer is a fraudster or not, whether he has due payments or he has good payment history and ethical business.

Why choose us?

At Waviator, we believe in making our customer’s lives easier. Every feature is made to assist you run your business smoothly and stress free.

Data Security ERP

100% Data Security

We at Waviator provide the dedicated server for you. So that, the software run as per your requirement and your server keep your data private only. We use end to end encryption and high level security to provide secure data sync process to keep your details secure and safe.

Know your Working patterns

We design the software as per your requirement which will adopt your business working instead of you learning the software for your working

Know your business

Waviator provide multiple reports so that it works accordingly to your working need. It helps in making the best decision and we promise you that you won't never go wrong


+ Happy Clients


+ Lakhs Communications


+ Crores Amount Invoices


+ Hours Of Support

Get Free Software Planning

We can disscuss your ideas and plan according to your needs, everything is customizable as per your requirement. We provide a complete description and demonstrations of our product so you can easily understand the working of our different offerings for you and also you can go through that how you can manage it by yourself. You don’t have to get a professional to get it installed or learn how it works instead of that the software will adapt you.

Connect with your customers, Anywhere! Anytime!

Waviator let you to connect with your customer over Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Call. Waviator save your previous conversation with your customer and let you remind to communicate them again on time.

Now, sending the receipt voucher or ledger to your customer is not a problem, Send ledger document, invoice receipt on Whatsapp, Email, SMS over a single click.

Business on the run OR Take your business with you

Manage your software, on the go with Waviator any device software, whether in mobile or in laptop. Track workings, payments with just a few taps. Scan , send and receive invoices in a hassle free manner. With the mobile or laptop use the software as per your convinient, run your business anytime from anywhere. Your office might be away from you but your business won’t be.

With the Waviator, manage your software easily and take your business wherever you go. With user friendly features, kick your financial management up a notch.

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WaviatorErp Users best customized erp solutions


Select a plan that goes best with your business.



  • Multiple Reports
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Ordering App
  • Customer Accessible Order History
  • Customer Ledger
  • Customer Sprcific Pricing
  • Share Latest News and Updates
  • Order Processing
  • Payment Reminders
  • Add & Manage Purchase
  • Live Inventory And Stock Managements
  • Add Sales Vist
  • View More
  • Multi User*
  • Multi Company*
  • Manage Customer Queries
  • Single Click Invoice, Qutation and PI (Sales Order)
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Login Module (app.waviator.in)
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  • Customized Reports
  • Manage Production(BOM)
  • Product Cost Analysis
  • Batch Wise Production
  • Warehouse Management
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Customer Ordering App
  • Customer Ledger &zz Order History
  • Customer Sprcific Pricing
  • Share Latest News and Updates
  • Order Processing
  • Payment Reminders
  • Manage Raw Material Purchase
  • View More
  • Manage Store Purchase
  • Live Inventory And Stock Managements
  • Add Sales Vist
  • Multi User and Company*
  • Manage Customer Queries
  • Single Click Invoice, Qutation and PI (Sales Order)
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Login Module (app.waviator.in)
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  • Completely Customizable
  • Design According to Your Need
  • Develop According to Your Requirement
  • Customized Report as per Your Demand
  • Hosted on your Server Only.
  • E-Commerce website.
  • On Your Domain
  • Your Brand Visibility
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