Inventory And Stock Managements

WaviatorErp Inventory And Stock Managements

Customers anticipate a smooth transaction from the time they check out until they receive their project. They also want the status of orders to be completely transparent. Customers and B2B purchasers expect hassle-free returns, location transparency, and knowledge of any potential issues during transit.


Customer and sales team access to real-time inventory status

Your sales process is more effective when you can see the status of your inventory in real time. A common platform is provided by an inventory management system so that everyone may view current stock information. Everyone is happier and more accurate when the back-end employees, salespeople, and customers work together.

Order-based FIFO Auto-allocation

Spend less time manually arranging inventory. If necessary, you can manually alter the FIFO allocation method used by our inventory management system.

UI Based Update & Bulk Upload (Import & Export)

Using the inventory management solution from Pooraa, product inventories may be updated using simple templates. If you simply need to update it for a few products, you can accomplish it using the user-friendly UI.

Role-Based Access is Secure

Create user-specific roles that restrict access to make sure the correct individuals view the correct data, including inventories, orders, and customers, among other things. Only give certain users access to the inventory management software by granting them permission there, so limiting access to it.